2014 / 2015 Lagos State Undergraduate Scholarship Award Scheme

2014 / 2015 Lagos State Undergraduate Scholarship Award Scheme

About Lagos State Scholarship Board The Lagos State Scholarship Board is the agency in charge of scholarship, bursary and other related matters within the state. It grants Scholarship awards to deserving indigenes in various tertiary institutions for full time studies in order to assist these students financially. Before Applying Please Read All concerned Lagos State…


FEAR: Forgetting Everything And Run

Fear is a natural response to stimuli,intepreted on the basis of individual background and past experiences. It is a strange emotion caused by anticipation of danger. Fear is defined as Forgetting Everything and Run, fear often manifests itself to escape or run away. The various degrees in which fear manifests are worry, anxiety, shyness, fright,…

Destiny killers


My life is a book, Compiled and produced by destiny, Edited by God, Opened on the day i was born, Everyday of my life is a page, And everyday event is a paragraph, Every hair is a line while the day off, Every state forms the growing chapter, Any time i go back to read…


15 Ways to Get Along With People

Inter-personal Relationship is very important in our daily lives. Here are 15 unique ways to get along with people daily: 1. Never let an opportunity pass to say kind and encouraging words to or about somebofy. Appreciate a job well done and if criticism is needed, criticise positively in love and never spitefully. 2. Be…

November quote

Quote for November

November is auspicious in so many parts of the country: the rice harvest is already in, the weather starts to cool, and the festive glow which precedes Christmas has began to brighten the landscape. F. Sionil Jose


How to Make Tomatoes Omelette

Aspire Cuisine brings to you, this special food recipe which is very important and contains high content of nutrients necessary for development and growth of the body. But the issue here is, many individuals have overlooked this food recipe making claims of been a simple one to prepare. I will take you through the step…


Path to Success

Life is like a marathon where a big hill is facing us, right at the starting line intimidated by such rough beginning, many people certainly refuse to start the race. Yet those who quit at the beginning will never know the actual truth,hmmmm,life can be funny. The truth is the only reasonable hill in the…


One Mistake – One Gem

What do you call it when your boss ask you to prepare a cheque of #100,000 and you end up giving a cheque of #1,000,000…? What do you call it when you jokingly pushed a friend into a pool and because both of you couldn’t swim, you couldn’t save him and you watch him get…


The Tale Of Two Lovers

A once intimate two lovers parted And they swore never to get back So, whenever one goes out, it was hell Despair and misery, and all became wack Every other day, each long for the other But light wouldn’t embrace the shadow And the eerie wail of one another Melted into lonesome tones of a…


The Tempter

Oh Satan! Why haven’t you come with your horns? Or come with your tail and hoofed feet? Of course you know I’d flee I wouldn’t wait to be tempted, I’d run But you have came in disguise In various forms that I know so well You’ve hidden in pleasurable things to drag me to your…