Apply for Heineken International Graduate Internship 2014

The Heineken International Graduate Programme (IGP) is aimed at developing a pool of internationally minded individuals with the potential and capability to become leaders within HEINEKEN. Applicants, once on board will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training, coaching, travel and an environment that both stimulates intellectually and rewards high performance. HEINEKEN is driven forward by having […]

You Catch My Eye

I heard this poem on Loveworld TV yesterday. It is beautiful.. I just had to go looking for it. You Catch My Eye You catch my eye In the eye of the storm; You hold ointment appointments When hell’s hornets swarm. When I find no time for stillness You tell me there’s still time; When […]

Hiding Behind My Shadow

Creepy as he walks with me But naturally a reality accepted To be with a companion where ever we go Standing in the crowd I find myself trampled upon My physical being invincible All because am hiding And no one can see me Hiding behind the lateral reflection of me Hiding within the core of […]

What You Think…

What you think may be a word, a phrase, a book, a movie, a recording or even a song. Whenever you try to picture what you think, something comes up; something conceived within, something you have had a handshake with before, or an inkling of an undeniable desire. Going with one of the philosophies around, […]

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