Life With Vision

The human life cannot be more beautiful when it has a vision. Life should be a pursuit of purpose. Life should involve setting goals, whether long term or short term with plans and a determination to bring them to reality. Life without vision is empty. There should be a reason for being at any time. To live a fulfilled life, one must ask these questions: why am I here? Why did I come? What do I want? What is expected of me? Wherever he finds himself, knowing the answer to these questions and making a meaning out of them ultimately becomes a drive to life. It’ll influence all that he does. It changes a person from merely existing to living a life. It’ll change his mental attitudes.

Without vision, a person is merely a slave to the systems of the world, accepting just anything that it offers, but vision makes him a king by creating a world of his ideas and influence where he can reign and rule. An exciting thing about vision is that it costs nothing to develop and anybody can be a part of it. A vision can be so big, reaching out to the world and making a positive change. It can also be small but leaving an indelible mark in the lives of a few people.

So, this is it. Vision is the ability to see the future. It is the imaging of a desire. It is a call for an answer to a cry and a solution to a problem. I agree with Myles Monroe when he said, “The graveyard is  the wealthiest place on earth”, because there lies great gifts and talents which were never exploited. It is so sad that so many people will and their life journeys without realizing their potentials, simply because they had no goals or were not a part of a vision. Zig Ziglar says, “Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.” When life finds a vision for itself, it creates a world with a definite purpose. In that world all that exists are activities by many, a few or even a person towards the realization of that end. We reall can not tell all that we have and can do unless we imagine and endorse a vision.

For a person to achieve a desired goal, understanding that he is on a mission, is running with a vision, needs to burn with passion and must be steadfast with determination is a great boost. For this reason, the visioneer must have the exact picture of what he is going for in his mind at all times. It should fill his imagination. Truly, his power to imagine is his ability to create. As long as he can imagine it, it ceases to be impossible.

Vision works with strategies, the visioneer must have a specific route to his dreamland. He’ll need to study and discover new truths everyday that’ll awaken his spirit. He’ll need to be open to ideas from people. Understanding that this vision will blossom from the labours of fellow men, he needs to get others involved in it, directly or indirectly. “One is too small a number to achieve greatness”, says New York Times best selling author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell. No one person in the history of mankind has achieved anything of lasting value along. Getting others involved means more resources, mentally and physically and less time for accomplishment.

A visioneer needs to be determined, he must embrace vision as life as him optimal intent. He must say to himself there’s no going back. He must be able to convince others no matter how impossible they think his idea is. He must get himself conquered first by it. By so doing, he’ll begin to do what he ought to do, not what he wants to, even when he does not feel like. When this is done, it becomes spontaneous how others will join his train. Finally, the greatest inspiration to a vision is when the visioneer makes a comparison between the life that will be when his vision materializes and that which is presently. When he sees how great the future is, the awesome benefits that will come to him and others, compared to what is required, he’ll simply go for it.

A vision is like a seed in your hand, all you need do is sow it in the right soil bear the burden of watering it, uprooting everyweed that tends to impede its development, be patient, until you see that seed become a very great tree with many fruits to offer.