Waiting on God

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Difficult times do come. Difficult things happen. But the solution to the difficult circumstances is another difficult task in itself. Waiting on God during tough times, when all odds seem to be coming against you can be quite a daunting experience. You are reminded of the various promises God has made to you but then most of the time it seems as though they would hardly or never manifest.

But surely, the word of God never leaves His mouth without accomplishing what He sent it for. God’s promises usually take time to manifest, “but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matt. 24:13). I believe waiting is based on a universal principle of faith. Even though a desire may take long in being realized, the one who is focused on his desire and determined to obtain will surely get it.

God takes His child step by step, teaching him lesson by lesson. The lessons may never finish, but the training molds God’s child more and more into the image of Christ. All along the way, he may have questions, a lot of which may never be found at the point of asking, but in later times he’ll look back and understand things which he may never have understood even if he were told.

But as Abraham hoped against hope and waited on God to receive a child even in his old age, so also can the one who is determined set his mind on his goal, cast away all doubt until that which he seeks is finally realized.

One thought on “Waiting on God

  1. I would like to say that this truly blessed me. I have been battling a situation for the past month and a half. Over 2 years ago, i asked God to confirm something/reveal something to me and give me clarity on the situation. He reveal/confirmed the situation to me in a dream the same night i asked Him. Well, I was at such peace when i woke up and was fine until months later when what was revealed didn’t seem like it would happen. Or rather, i was trying to figure out how it would happen. Well, I began to doubt and worry and ask God if it were truly Him who confirmed this thing to me. I did not receive an answer but later realized that the fact that i was asking God to further confirm what He had already confirmed suggested that i didn’t trust Him. Well, something happened last month and it appears that what God revealed/confirmed would not manifest because of a situation that is hindering it and it looks impossible. I’m on an emotional roller coaster ride and my faith is truly being tested. I asked God prior to this to increase my faith but i didn’t expect this situation. I’m almost at a point where i’m ready to throw in the towel but i refuse because i still have that hope in what God said. It’s a challenge but i’m willing to go through it for God to get the glory and the greater reward of a testimony of my faith.

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