How do you view your life? Is it a comedy, a romantic drama or a horror picture? Whatevery you see when you look at the mirror is as a result of your attitude in life.

Attitude towards things can be understood as our assessment, viewpoint and reactions to circumstances affecting our lives. For instance, you can go to a movie and decide to be scared to death by what you see or you can choose to understand the fact that it’s just a movie; all occurences aren’t real. In essence, whatever choice you make will determine your emotional disposition at the end of the movie – either thrilled or terrified.

Likewise, man’s attitude or behavioural tendencies towards situations determines his destiny at the end. You can choose to be downtrodden by life’s adverse events and live an unfulfilled life or you can overcome that pain and learn from your experiences.

To experience positive things, it is only natural to have a positive attitude even in the face of disaster.

So, depending on our attitude, life can be amusing, scary, uninteresting, facinating, enriching or inspiring. The most important thing to remember is that it all depends on our attitude. Our attitude makes us the hero or the villain, the victor or the victim.