I Will Still Rise

Humbly I come before your throne

With dirty hands that need to be washed

And broken bones that have to be mended

I have inflicted these blisters on myself

And now come to the seat of mercy

I do not know whether

My space will be spared

But I’m assured that

My life is totally yours to control,

Though the heart is corrupted

And iniquity might be a companion for me

But I know there is a need that can only be met by you

I might no longer be your best man for the job

But certainly the little ones I will be done passionately

With a heavy heart and great burden have I come

Carrying dirty hands and stricken body to you

I will still rise to hold and beg for your restoration

‘Cos only then will I rise to be who you want me to be

I will still rise, not because I have the strength to

But because He will look at him and give me what I need