Life: Yours to Live

Enjoy LifeSometimes, I sit down and wonder about life destinations, how we would get there, and finally what would carry us there. Sometimes, I pondered in my mind that no matter how close and similar we might look with other people, we all are not going the same place. We might have the same plans, the same dreams, the same visions, sometimes even the same training. But one thing is sure: we don’t have the same life and destination.

Your journey might be farther than mine, mine might be more complicated than yours, and yours might be bulky compared to mine. But we all have a place we are going. So when next you receive a training others don’t receive, really receive it; when next you experience what others don’t experience, truly experience it; when next you enjoy what others don’t enjoy, lavishly enjoy it; when next you see what others don’t see, see it in its entirety; because your journey is different and special than any other person on the planet.