If Talents Were Meant to Be Kept in the Dark

If talents were meant to be kept in the dark, they wouldn’t have been given to us in the first place. No one would have felt the delightful urge to dance or the insatiable thirst to sing if our expressions aren’t directly necessary to humanity. So why hide inside the cocoon of self-preservation, timidity or phobia for public scrutiny when the world has been waiting for us?

One of the prominent perils of a very talented shy person is public scrutiny. What will papa say when he sees the poem? What would my brothers do when they hear my voice? I’ll be mocked, laughed at! Everyone will think I’m crazy. No, I’ll just keep on singing in the bathroom, dancing with the curtains down, hiding my sketches when mama comes by… and we all end up carrying our talents, locked somewhere in our fertile, priceless brains to our graves.

One way to handle this fear is by viewing public scrutiny as a way of breaking free from yourself, expanding yourself to absorb the variety of human reception of whatever you possess. Yes, your best friend said your voice was horrible and your dad said your writing was just dumb but wasn’t there this saturative joy, this overwhelming relief that came when they met the real you?

Or sometimes it could be shame and not phobia. Shame because you are a girl that turns out to be amazing in football, or you’re a guy who can pursue a high pitch never ventured by any one before. If we deny our talents what other identity do we have?

Our talent should be our identity. Oh, there are lawyers who can strip their robes and play a mean game of squash, there are architects/husbands/fathers/writers…so why allow it die inside. It’s one of the beautiful gifts in this life we have been blessed with to indulge in. So come out of the shadows now and express yourself because the world is waiting for you.


image credits: fun140.com