Disease That Destroys the Vagina

This is a guest post by Intahun H. Abraham

Discharge with itching is a distressing period in the life of the victims. This embarrassing and distressing situation experienced by many women in the world today, some women are also lucky to experience only discharge without itching but this disease caused by fungus yeast known as Candida Albican is offensive.

Women who experience discharge without itching should consult their doctors quickly in order to avoid parasite infection known as trychomonas vaginals that causes the itching. Men may also experience itching after having intercourse around their phallus with infected females. Women with infected vaginal discharge with itching who fail to treat the disease will scratch and lacerate their vulva and labia in private and public places without respect. The frequent scratching will give room for more infections.

The causes of this disgraceful disease include:

• Improper cleaning during menstruation period
• Having multiple sexual partners
• Using dirty towels, sanitary pads and toilet papers

The natural remedy for these conditions include high dosage of gonan and fresh dew. Also insert a bulb of peeled raw garlic each night at bed time.