I Find My Fulfillment In You

It’s easy to begin to feel alone and maybe even helpless sometimes. To look around you and think that people may only need you when there’s something for you to give them. I’ve definitely exhibited that kind of behaviour. Situations like this get one thinking about who they really are, who their friends really are, if they have any, and what the world takes them for.

Sometimes you could decide to get yourself immersed in activities, to try to find your calling, thinking that maybe you’ve been missing something before. You could even try half a dozen vocations only to realize that you’ve gained a lot of experience but very little satisfaction.

You could look at life and see the vanity of just the millions of things we take so seriously: fashion, food, war, politics, money, land… You could get yourself into the mainstream of society but then find out that you’ve lost the flow.

From where I sit I just think about the one thing that is certain. I know I could search for love and find many superficial expressions of it. I could search for wealth and have a flood of it in my habitation. I could search for fame and be a star in a matter of time. But I wouldn’t have found my fulfillment.

But I’m kept and given a direction. I seek the relationship which I’ve been ignoring all along. With the One who moves but can’t be moved. I’ve tasted a drop of the beauty of the relationship and I just keep needing more. I just can’t be away from You. I don’t want to spend a moment away from Your presence.

My life is made a beautiful by You. You said in Jer 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” So I know I don’t have to be afraid of the future.

I know I have someone to fight for me. You said in Zech 8:2, “I am jealous for Zion with a great jealousy.”

I know I’ll never be lost because You are my Everlasting Light (Isa 60:19).

You’re so beautiful and I need You because I find my fulfillment in You.