The Average Fulani Cattle Rearer is a Millionaire

Yes, that sounds preposterous. They wear old clothes and walk from North to South and back. They live in the bush, use very little money, don’t build houses, never buy cars and all those things. But you have to assess the possibilities.

A herdsman generally has an average of 15 cattle. The herd would consist of a mixture of fully grown cattle and younger ones. A fully grown cow may go for about N120,000. A “teenage” calf could go for 60,000. If we assume that the average cost of one animal in the heard is N80,000 then the total cost of 15 animals would be N1,200,000.

Now you have a lot of arguments against that. “Not all herds have up to 15 cattle”, “The herdsman may own just 5 out of the 15. He could be taking care of his uncle’s cattle”. Yes, arguments like that are valid. The idea is, he’s moving about with roughly N1million and nobody’s harassing him for it. When his herd is crossing the roads, car drivers may get annoyed because of the delay but that’s his money moving about with him. And the worst part is, he doesn’t really have value for paper money, just his cows.

The point here is, just as a herdsman moves about with a significant amount of wealth that most people ignore, so does everyone else out there. We have talents and skills that we may have scarcely employed but which others use to accomplish great things. I have an interest in graphic design and web development. I’ve been at it for about 5 years now. But there’s someone I introduced to web development earlier in the year and his skills have quickly exceeded mine. His design skills are almost the same as mine but his programming skills have far exceeded what I can do. Now I’m considering having him teach me. I used give him advice. Now I’m thinking about him teaching me.

He took advantage of a talent he had, poured his passion into it and today he’s beyond his first mentors.

The average herdsman moves about with a significant amount of wealth, so do you.