Hidden Treasures

There is a story of a man who on the course of adventure in a cave found a bag filled with round clay moulds. Just as anyone will pick trophies to show the world what they’ve earned, he carried the bag outside, but on the way back he threw each ball back to the sea. ‘Afterwards they have no value,’  he muttered to himself.
Having gone quite some distance and several balls discarded, he decided to take a proper look at the ball, then he discovered that, beneath the earthen coverings lie rare gem stones, but only few balls were left with him.
Beneath the surface lies treasure untapped, but to those who linger on, is it revealed. Thousands have lost millions, true friends lost because of physical appearance- either too short, disabled or not beautiful to behold, enormous opportunities discarded, because they come as problems or mishaps.
Treasures have their identity to be of much value, because they are rare. In other words they are hidden sometimes disguised among others. Its aim is to filter those who look with the eyes and not through the eyes, and also to determine ones who have endurance, patience and determination to pursue the true things in life.
As we all live each day and trail the streets of happenings, know that beneath the earthen covering lies a rare gem.

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