How To Write Your FUT Minna Post-UTME With Ease

Post-UTME exams have become integrated into the admission procedure of so many higher institutions of learning, the aim being to test prospective students’ intellectual capabilities in their chosen fields of study. Most higher institutions in Nigeria have adopted this procedure not only in aiding the admission procedure but in generation of revenue.


In the Federal University of Technology, Minna, students who have applied to be considered for admission have to follow the protocol of writing the post-UTME exams. Students purchase forms for the exams at various banks and have to register on-line. The post-UTME exams are written at the “Electronic Testing Centre” of the school in the main campus. The test is electronically written, and the students are expected to answer all forty (40) questions within thirty (30) minutes. It actually doesn’t require an expert knowledge of a computer, just the ability to use a mouse and to follow instructions.

On securing accommodation some students might find it easy to find a place within the school – probably by staying with friends or relatives. Some others stay at hotels and the rest usually pitch their tents in the lecture theatres within the school campus. There are a few public toilets within the campus area and a few more at the hostels for the convenience of students. To find out how to get free accommodation during your post-UTME at FUT Minna, read How To Get Free Accommodation During Your FUT Minna Post-UTME.

There are a lot of relaxation spots within campus and a number of shops where prospective students might purchase snacks and drinks when hungry. Very close to the Main mosque in the main campus is the cafeteria, there are about four fast food shops within the building and prospective students have the liberty of purchasing any meal of their choice provided that it can be conveniently paid for.

In both campuses, there are a number of lecture halls which are open round the clock, this is to enable students prepare adequately for the upcoming exams. Students will find it easy adapting to their environment because the school boasts of friendly students and a student – friendly environment.

If students are able to take full advantage of all the factors around them and channel their efforts effectively, they are sure to pass the exams in flying colours.