The Mother’s Heart

I was walking through the children’s isle on this wonderful day when I saw an amazing scene that got me seriously thinking.  There were so many children in this section of the auditorium and their parents were in the main hall. One of the kids, almost a year old began to cry for God knows what and in split seconds the mum arrived to pet her baby. I called that a coincidence. I mean, maybe the mum was passing by already. I decided to hang around a while and see what will happen, another baby began crying and again her mum arrived before I knew it. It started getting spooky after same thing happened for three other kids, but I was curious: how did these mothers know their kid’s cries without been told or any form of alarm. After all, it’s not like their father’s moved a limb, they probably didn’t even notice.

After much thought and investigation, I found out that the mother’s heart is always on her baby. You could call it the woman’s intuition, but I believe it was more than that. There is a level of bond that exists between a mum and her infant child, it’s hard to explain, but it is governed by the best law of them all………LOVE.

Her heart bleeds for her crying infant

Her heart pleads for her unruly child

Her heart speaks for her young ones and

Her heart beats with that of her children

A mother’s love is great and yet there is one that is more… way more…………God’s everlasting and undying LOVE.

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