Euro Championship: Inside the Players’ Minds

European Cup
Three major tournaments won in a row, and it is probably just the beginning for the Spanish national team.
Tonight, they have won the 2012 European Championship playing football the one way they know how to play. The same way the 2008 Euros was won...yep, the 2010 World cup also came like that; and I'm tempted to ask, 'how do you stop a team like this?'
We can't say enough how easy these guys make football seem...playing football, seemingly, the way it was meant to be from the very beginning.
As this side starts to get used to being arguably the number one side on the planet, Aspire Magazine imagines what could have been going on in the minds of some of the winners and loosers from tonight. Here's what we came up with:

XAVI HERNANDEZ: I'm kinda getting used to all these

INIESTA ANDREAS: Need I prove more?
I'm the best player in the world jor...after Leo of course

FERNANDO TORRES: It has everything to do with the colours. When it's blue I score. When it's red, I score aplenty.
Did you hear that Roman?

CESC FABREGAS: *humming* "I'm living that good life"

PIRLO: Well! well! well! I can't shout

BUFFON: Could this be good night?

BALOTELLI: mshw! To think that I behaved myself... This is what i get for a reward

While these men soar, what's for the team who wish dethrone the kings to do? Do give us your comments below...