You Catch My Eye

I heard this poem on Loveworld TV yesterday. It is beautiful.. I just had to go looking for it. You Catch My Eye You catch my eye In the eye of the storm; You hold ointment appointments When hell’s hornets swarm. When I find no time for stillness You tell me there’s still time; When […]

I’m in a Relationship

I have been in a relationship One with parasitic benefits I thought it was the best there ever was It wasn’t just what I thought it was Maybe an illusion perceived A feeling desired Just to satisfy self and repatriate others My soul has been eaten up Like the eroded spherical ball surface And am […]

Second Aid

“We cannot administer any drug to her! I’ve already told you that we need a minimum balance of ten thousand naira to commence treatment or do you want me to lose my job?” “Madam I understand, just try and bear with me. I have no money on me now and no one to turn to; […]

The Locking of the Gates of Liberty

I recently walked through the streets of state on the Sunday morning. With the sights I beheld I could not help but ask myself questions I could not proffer answers to. Maybe you will understand clearly what I mean, if I just share some sights with you. I saw barricades everywhere, with uniform men armed […]

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