A Man of Little Words

His voice lost in his being Journeying from the heart to the voice box From the head to the vocal box His senses fully active Transmitting signals from without Waiting for a response to all And all he did was to hold his tongue He only speaks when spoken to And when he feels chill […]

Another Basket

Whenever i try to be of comfort, she always sends me away, Whenever she has a problem, she prefers to handle it her way, Whenever she’s in pains, “Never mind” she says, Whenever she gets stuck, she prefers to gamble over luck. Yet she calls me her one and only, And all I now see […]

Ripple Effect

Whenever I visit any barbers shop for a shave, it’s quite phenomenal for the shop to boom with loud music, the genre usually hip hop, party jamz, rock, blues and the likes. I may not necessarily be flowing with the rhythm, but after the shave and on my way home, i keep hearing the sounds […]

The World is Rude

Something has gone wrong Nothing is going right Worry is the constant thought Sad the plight The world making sure Of your wrong’s reward you get a fat bite I don’t get this yet How life is forced out of body The will to bend To speak How the mind can’t intend Nor plan Deeds […]

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