You Catch My Eye

I heard this poem on Loveworld TV yesterday. It is beautiful.. I just had to go looking for it. You Catch My Eye You catch my eye In the eye of the storm; You hold ointment appointments When hell’s hornets swarm. When I find no time for stillness You tell me there’s still time; When […]

Hiding Behind My Shadow

Creepy as he walks with me But naturally a reality accepted To be with a companion where ever we go Standing in the crowd I find myself trampled upon My physical being invincible All because am hiding And no one can see me Hiding behind the lateral reflection of me Hiding within the core of […]

What You Think…

What you think may be a word, a phrase, a book, a movie, a recording or even a song. Whenever you try to picture what you think, something comes up; something conceived within, something you have had a handshake with before, or an inkling of an undeniable desire. Going with one of the philosophies around, […]

Simple Yes or No

White padded foam Sitting on radial spiked gold wheels The knight’s pride A stallion Leading the voyage To an institution A place where they live forever A school, to be in till death Two gladiators A male, a female Jogging side by side An escort carefully selected By the two in the chariot Dressed in […]

A Man of Little Words

His voice lost in his being Journeying from the heart to the voice box From the head to the vocal box His senses fully active Transmitting signals from without Waiting for a response to all And all he did was to hold his tongue He only speaks when spoken to And when he feels chill […]

I’m in a Relationship

I have been in a relationship One with parasitic benefits I thought it was the best there ever was It wasn’t just what I thought it was Maybe an illusion perceived A feeling desired Just to satisfy self and repatriate others My soul has been eaten up Like the eroded spherical ball surface And am […]

The World is Rude

Something has gone wrong Nothing is going right Worry is the constant thought Sad the plight The world making sure Of your wrong’s reward you get a fat bite I don’t get this yet How life is forced out of body The will to bend To speak How the mind can’t intend Nor plan Deeds […]

Who Will Learn to Reach Out

With all the sounds of music playing In melody and harmony Our ears are not listening. With the dazzling pictures of arts, In beautifying colors, Our sights are blurred. With the lively sensations around, In pleasures and pains, We are not feeling it. We walk the streets, Seeing and smiling, Hearing and humming, Speaking without […]

Because You Stepped In

I was confused, I was lost, I was in trouble, But you stepped in. If I had trudged on, I would have been burnt, I would have been seared, But you stepped in. When I think of you, It’s true joy, There’s no pain, ‘Cos you stepped in. If I could start all over again, […]

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