Stage 1: Understand creativity lies in you Some of us believe success and accomplishments are meant for a certain set of people who we deem highly favored or blessed than us. We are content to cheer them and watch from a safe distance as they ascend the stairs of stardom. We, well we just live […]

I Find My Fulfillment In You

It’s easy to begin to feel alone and maybe even helpless sometimes. To look around you and think that people may only need you when there’s something for you to give them. I’ve definitely exhibited that kind of behaviour. Situations like this get one thinking about who they really are, who their friends really are, […]

He Knows

He knows not only my name, But the latest thought I just had, Which means He is in touch with my movements. He knows, that behind the smiles, There are not only scars but hurts too, And He is concerned about how I feel every moment. He knows how scared and fearful I am when […]

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