You Catch My Eye

I heard this poem on Loveworld TV yesterday. It is beautiful.. I just had to go looking for it. You Catch My Eye You catch my eye In the eye of the storm; You hold ointment appointments When hell’s hornets swarm. When I find no time for stillness You tell me there’s still time; When […]

I’m in a Relationship

I have been in a relationship One with parasitic benefits I thought it was the best there ever was It wasn’t just what I thought it was Maybe an illusion perceived A feeling desired Just to satisfy self and repatriate others My soul has been eaten up Like the eroded spherical ball surface And am […]

Second Aid

“We cannot administer any drug to her! I’ve already told you that we need a minimum balance of ten thousand naira to commence treatment or do you want me to lose my job?” “Madam I understand, just try and bear with me. I have no money on me now and no one to turn to; […]

Because You Stepped In

I was confused, I was lost, I was in trouble, But you stepped in. If I had trudged on, I would have been burnt, I would have been seared, But you stepped in. When I think of you, It’s true joy, There’s no pain, ‘Cos you stepped in. If I could start all over again, […]

Let It Be Done With Love

Our hands are dirty From the plays we childishly refuse to leave And we are not only dirty But will contaminate all that is touched If you must wash your hands You can do it anyhow you can But let it be done with love Standing on the balcony Overseeing the world And its annoying […]

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