Drawing the proverbial line…

Oh so cause you’ve become principled and possess a good morals doesn’t give anyone the right or excuse to trample down on your person. As the saying goes the retreating of a lion doesn’t indicate any sign of weakness. Some where between low self-esteem and humility resides a very thin line. Yes pride can be […]


How do you view your life? Is it a comedy, a romantic drama or a horror picture? Whatevery you see when you look at the mirror is as a result of your attitude in life. Attitude towards things can be understood as our assessment, viewpoint and reactions to circumstances affecting our lives. For instance, you […]

He Knows

He knows not only my name, But the latest thought I just had, Which means He is in touch with my movements. He knows, that behind the smiles, There are not only scars but hurts too, And He is concerned about how I feel every moment. He knows how scared and fearful I am when […]

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